Deerwell 360° Protection

The Deerwell portion concept:
Pre-cut wrap portions in order to avoid potential plastic fragments.
The Deerwell system separates & connects each individual wrap on a roll. 1 roll is made of 24 “ready to use” wraps.
Assures the next wrap is ready to be fed correctly.
Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID):

Every wrap includes 4 RFID tags allowing to track the individual module through harvest and processing, integrating with the electronic systems of John Deere CP770 | CP690 | CS690 cotton harvesters.

Deerwell Structure:
Every Deerwell wrap is made of two segments:
The inner layer is a non-tacky film with particular properties which prevent cotton from sticking to the wrap.
The outer layer is a special formulated film which is tacky on one side only.

The combination of these two types of film ensures the round module hold its uniformity for transport and processing.

Tapered Deerwell portion structure:

The tapered structure maximizes the durability of the tail in windy conditions.

Two types of specially designed adhesives

Secure the tail of a wrapped module in tough conditions and minimize the risk of cotton contamination.

Over the edge coverage:
Wrap goes over the edge holding tight the shoulders of the round module to minimize cotton waste and prevent exposing to the rain.
UV protection:
The film is UV protection and can last minimum 6 months outdoor.

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