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Shenzhen Deerwell Agricultural Technology Development Co.,Ltd. was established in 2019. Our headquarter is in Xinjiang Province where with an area of 14,000 square miters including 1 office building and 4 factory buildings. We have 10 automatic production lines which can produce about 10,000 tons of cotton wrap film and 5,000 tons of other plastic films every year. 

Our mian products are plastic film like cotton wrap film,greenhouse film,PE tarpaulin,PVC tarpaulin etc which are mainly used in agriculture. With experienced experts team we have applied more than 10 patents of cotton wrap film for John Deere CP690 / CP770 harvester. Our main market is USA, Brazil, Australia, Paraguay, Turkey, Argentina, as well as China mainland.

Based on the design concept of high efficiency, environmental protection, innovation and low energy consumption, we strive to develop agriculture with science and technology. We are also committed to the development of global agricultural technology and economy.